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About Automotive English and Marguerite Emily Beaulieu

Marguerite earned a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto and studied Public Relations and Marketing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Automotive English is based in Göteborg, on the Swedish west coast. The company has specialized in language training and writing services for technical and business sectors of the motor vehicle industry since 1989. However, previous and current clients include global enterprises ranging from nuclear-power suppliers to on-demand printer manufacturers and real-estate conglomerates.

About copywriting and Smart-casual TONE

Write it right. Get it checked. The professional English you use in print says something about the concepts you understand, the quality of your thinking, and ultimately, the calibre of your enterprise and your brand.

Smart-casual TONE - what is it? What does it look like?
More to the point: how does it SOUND?
  • It's warm.
  • It's conversational.
  • It's intelligent.
It's like having a natural, professional, dialogue with your audience, or reader.

The THEORY ...goes like this:
Television might be a cool medium, but the Internet is a warm medium. (People find husbands and wives there - how warm is that?) The origin and "company culture", of the Net is permeated with language which is a lot less formal than we were taught at school. Certainly less formal than all business letters were twenty years ago. Think about the emails you send out and receive today.

While some formality remains, the Internet is a stronger cultural force than many others. There's a consensus about the trend. Ultimately, language conventions from the Net influence print media, rather than vice versa.

Whether or not you think you'll utilize a smart-casual TONE in your business writing, this is THE ONLY language to use in a presentation context. It's the only English that's alive and authentic enough to carry a message efficiently and effectively. A smart-casual TONE is effective, because it will ultimately carry your message across successfully; the message will slide from A to B much more smoothly and pleasantly - and stay there.

A smart-casual TONE is the sound of authenticity, the sound of confidence, the sound of ENERGY. It is the sound of today's professionalism.

For writing help and more smart-casual TONE at your company,
contact us.

 Marguerite Emily Beaulieu

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