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100th Anniversary of Aeroklubben flying club

June 8-10th - A Fly-in event - Press Release

The Aeroklubben Flying Club was founded in 1918, just 15 years after the Wright brothers flew 852 feet at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
An international fly-in event - Automotive English will be there!

See you in Stockholm, Monday, November 14th,
at Musikaliska!

It's time for this year's time-honoured and sparkling Svenska Publishingpriset gala, which will feature an array of the country's absolute top communications talent under one roof.

Automotive English will join colleagues from the Global Directions network to meet and greet other communications experts, and contribute a dimension that spans the planet.

We are pleased and proud to be invited as an official Partner to this respected industry event.

And we all look forward to meeting up with you there!

A not-quite-typical Swedish weekend

February 27th

Check out last weekend's Lake Örlen fly-in, as captured by flying filmmaker, Hasse Hellström.

On our side of Sweden, we don't get winter temperatures every winter. This year, temperatures have hovered well under zero, and lakes have frozen over.
When there's at least 20 cm of ice, stubborn local Crews and flying-club members emerge from the woods with drills and pylons, ready to set up a winter airport.
Then they invite their flying buddies.

The rewards of landing in a winter wonderland are many. One Lake Örlen reward was the promise of coffee and home-baked cinnamon buns to all visiting pilots.


Sweden's unofficial national symbol...

Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers:

February 27th

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!"

Just a reminder that a few hours with Automotive English will help you sound more confident and professional in the cockpit. And everywhere else.

English in the air – and everywhere!

December 25th

Merry Christmas!
And wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year 2016, in global English.
Whatever your coordinates and altitudes!


Meet the new Canadian Prime Minister!

October 20th


Find out more at

Diversity on the wing.
Blue Jays win American League East title.

October 4th


Diversity in action = success!

Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion celebrate their magnificent home-run season. The Toronto Blue Jays have now finally and firmly whupped the Yankees to become American League East baseball champions.

#ComeTogether Fans get ready!

Posted by Toronto Blue Jays on den 2 oktober 2015

First step on the way to the World Series!

Baseball is a cerebral sport, full of risk and strategy.
It's fun, and it's great for your professional English delivery.
Just a reminder of the business phraseology that you'll understand at meetings if you learn a few baseball idioms.

Check this PDF for a list of baseball idioms, to enrich your daily English.

The Blue Jays shut out* the Yankees last weekend
(6th-9th of August, 2015)

August 10th
(* This means they kept the Yankees from scoring a single run.)


If you haven't seen a Yankees cap recently,
you're living on another planet.

Why the Yankees? What does a Blue Jays cap look like? Check here.

Blue Jay mascot at Customs

... And breakfast

Which cities are we talking about, and anyway, ...

... Why baseball?

An evening at a baseball game offers everything: action, strategy, excitement

- add a work-buddy, a date, or the entire family

Why is this game fun?

It's the risk element, and strategy.

Hot dogs, peanuts, beer.

If you've ever played baseball, you'll also know that it feels really, really good to bat the ball out of the park.

Almost every office or company in North America gathers together at least one after-work baseball team for the men and women who work there. They get out for weekly games and practices, and then grab a beer together.

And Baseball Idioms!
The game of baseball is behind a whole list of rather important idioms in business English. Check this PDF for a list. You might be using some of them already?

Test yourself: You should at least understand these idioms, or you're probably missing something.

More details?
Are you a frequent traveller to the US and Canada?
Perhaps you're being transferred overseas?

For as many baseball details and rules as you can handle,
contact Automotive English for Lessons and Seminars.

Hasse learned the game from a screen in a sports bar!

Planning for Spring Term, 2015?
October 25th 2014

Click on our COURSES button for a comprehensive overview.

Courses are created to order for groups and individuals.

Pink Mack

Baby-pink Mack: Where was this photo taken? And why's the truck pink?
Check the next installment of What's New for more answers.

Got two minutes? Check out the Blåkulla Airlines video.
April 19th 2014

"Happy Easter; have a nice flight!"

Hans-Erik grinned from ear to ear, just on leaving the Truck Centre classroom last week.

"Oh, depends on the weather, I'm not sure we'll be flying at all."

"But you'll be flying anyway, to Blåkulla, I mean? On your broom?" His smile got bigger.

Oh right, got it.

But why not? According to Swedish Easter legend, all the witches fly to Blåkulla for a massive night-long party.

Today's modern witches have their own resources.

Spring arrived so early in Gothenburg this year that we have a hard time believing it. By Holy Saturday, everything was definitely on its way to green and a few varieties of flowers had already come and gone.

Earlier in the day, we parked on the south side of the Gota River, and walked past the Novotel hotel and under the gracious Älvsborg Bridge to Nya Varvet. This is a favourite walk by the river, and a great place to cycle and Rollerblade on sunny days. The bike path is liberally sprinkled with superb cafés and bars, so you never need to go hungry. Half of Gothenburg's population was there to prove it.

Then off to Gothenburg City airport, at Säve.

After take-off I flew back over the bridge, and we took a quick left turn over the city to retrace our walk down the south bank. Just west of the bridge, you'll see a Stena ferry on its way into port. It looks tiny! We then headed north and west up the coast, passing Marstrand and the densely populated island of Åstol. From there, we flew a circle over the picturesque village of Skärhamn. Hi Martin!

Sooo, the REAL Blåkulla? In our area, it's Stora Brattön. We passed it on our right, just after Marstrand. The top of the hill looked stately and green and relatively undisturbed; the party had obviously not started yet! Almost no witch traffic reported.

GLOBAL WEATHER - is it all about latitude?
March 16th 2014

A few Ottawa and Québec pix from ten days in February, early March, 2014...

Crocuses were waiting for us in Gothenburg (latitude: 57°42'N), but just do a reality check of what winter looked like in Ottawa and Ville de Québec, Canada.
If you check a map of the Northern Hemisphere, you'll see that latitudes for these frosty white cities place them FURTHER SOUTH than Paris and Munich in Europe.

Paris, France, 48° 51' N
Munich, Germany, 48° 8' N
Ottawa, Canada 45° 25' N
Ville de Québec (Quebec City), Canada 46°49' N

At least for Canadian weather, more extreme winter and summer temperatures are virtually always due to indecently large land masses (coastal locations excluded, of course...).

In Ville de Québec, peak winter can't be considered over until after the famously wild and heavy snowstorms called "le Saint Patrick", which often occur spot on Saint Patrick's Day!


Serious Snow - Ottawa receives about 224 centimetres (88 in) of snowfall annually. In Ville de Québec (Quebec City), average annual snowfall amounts to 303 centimetres. This requires a few great solutions for living with winter.


Ice Toboggans - A toboggan is an effective Native Canadian transportation vehicle that has been widely adopted and loved by subsequent Canadians. In fact, these wonderful freight haulers have inspired whole verbs and phrases. To "go tobogganing" is the phrase of choice for a favourite Canadian activity: sliding down snowy hills at incredible speeds - with your family or a gang of friends, young and old. This particular ice slide is beside the Château Frontenac hotel, along the Saint Lawrence River in Ville de Québec.


Ice Canoe Portage - A favourite winter event along the Saint Lawrence River is ice-canoe racing. It's even more challenging than it looks in the infamously strong current of a river that runs from the Great Lakes to open sea. In this photo, the crew has jumped out of the canoe to drag it over the ice floe. Might be quicker than paddling around!


Kilometre Five-Point-Four - of 7.8 kilometres. The world's largest skating rink, as the sign says, in both English and French. The best skate in the world too - at least for city people!


Poutine - One of the many huts and little cottages that sprout up along the ice of the Rideau Canal in winter. Skaters can buy hot drinks, cold drinks, and a variety of food - or just go inside to warm up. And why not try the poutine! Calories won't be a problem if you skate all the way into town.


Bright Lights, Big City - Downtown Ottawa. Another reward at the end of a courageously long skate. If your toes still function, this is a great place to climb up from the canal to enjoy Ottawa's selection of cool bars and gourmet restaurants.

Gung Hey Fat Choy!
Automotive English wishes you a
Happy and prosperous
Year of the Horse -- 2014!


Q: So What's New so far?

A: New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire . . . AND

TWO newly compiled stapled notebooks of Corporate English articles, originally published in Kunskaps Brevet, and PopKom Magazine (Kommunicera Magazine).


Publisher is Populär Kommunikation, and the articles were written throughout 1999-2010.

You can order these notebooks from Populär Kommunikation. Available now.

Each reasonably priced notebook contains 11 articles, covering mixed corporate-English issues.
Examples, communication situations and solutions are based on authentic, real-time, global communication experiences.

Check log-in instructions and read more details under the PUBLICATIONS button.

Looking Good in English -- coming soon as an e-book!
ALSO under the Publications button, you'll see that a new and updated edition of Looking Good in English, previously published by Studentlitteratur, will be available as an e-book by the summer.

Automotive English
-- 25 years of authentic and cool corporate English!

More new features, game-changing English tips and useful exercises will be introduced shortly as Automotive English celebrates its Silver Anniversary.

Season's Greetings from Gothenburg Airspace!
(December 15th 2013)

We took a tour of the coast - high and low - on Saturday, before the 2nd Sunday of Advent. First "stop" was Hjuvik, the south-west exit point of Säve Control Zone. Then diagonally over the Control Zone, crossing the airport; finally, west and north.

After a few circles over winter Mollösund, the sun had almost sunk into the water beyond Denmark. I asked for four-and-a half, six-and-a-half, then 7 thousand feet, to get a peek at the sun over some interesting clouds and stretch out the sunset. Well worth the effort. Requested 9 thousand feet. We continued south to the city, including winter Liseberg, where we got the idea to spend Saturday evening in the Tyrolean bar, with beer and sausages. The thermometer hit minus nine before getting home, and a superb snowfall happened by Sunday morning.

Please note that I was simply a passenger and a voice for this flight. On-top flying is a bit rich for my modest aviation skills.

Happy Holidays from Marguerite at Automotive English

Looking for a business hero? (November 10th 2013)

If you have another business-leader hero than Sir Richard Branson, perhaps you should reconsider. What's his core business?
It appears to be FUN ? selling everything from Virgin Cola to space travel via Virgin Galactic.
... All while he makes perfectly credible, concrete and expensive efforts to save the planet.

Watch the world's coolest airline Safety Demonstration:

Got a minute? (October 18th 2013)

Then take an airborne look at a few of the islands that surround our heartbreakingly beautiful Swedish west coast. In fall colours.
This part of the North Atlantic, between Sweden and Denmark, is called Kattegatt.
At this time of the Scandinavian year, the sun has started to sink like a stone -- relatively early.
Two months from now, by 4 pm, it will be pitch black.

I took off from Gothenburg City Airport after work on Friday, October 18th, 2013. Among the islands in the film, you'll see -- in loose order -- the rest of Hisingen (via Lycke), Älgön, Tjörn and Orust. A bunch of finely sculpted islands and rocks in the middle. And towards the end: Dyrön, Åstol and Marstrand.

Interested in aviation? Or Scandinavia? If you can handle a LOT more flying, check the videos on Hasse Hellström's excellent website:

Canada Day 2013 in Ottawa, the nation's capital
(Canada Day is July 1st - Posted August 24th 2013)


Free hugs! It works. Those guys carrying signs actually ended up being overwhelmed by hugs and group hugs.


Not just a Maple Leaf version of July 4th. More a celebration of "Canadianness", in all its forms. But our real national symbol?
Pure silliness. And proud of it, man.


Rideau Canal. Skating in winter, Red Wave in the summer.


When Canadians use the D-word, we're not kidding. Real Diversity reigns supreme, mainly because everybody gets a sublime kick out of multi-everything.


So tasteful! Same colour scheme everywhere...

Summer reading (June 9th 2013)
Fresh advice about emails (PDF)

Tip of the iceberg, with info that runs deep (Feb 17th 2013)

This site will feature links to tip-of-the iceberg articles on significant events, cool professional actions and innovative mindsets. We'll comment on how these readings will ultimately shape business, industry or the way we think, generally. It's the kind of targeted information that our regular students take for granted, and the quality of information that gives them a competitive edge in their careers. The deep or quirky background explanation, the mildly surprising new perspective, the unexpected and colourful repercussions.

Quite often - i.e., when time and energy occur at the same time - there might be a small list of, as one student recently put it, "those great words and idioms that sound cool at meetings". In the classroom, we seriously discuss all of these things, and relate them to our own industry.

Then we find ways to make the new terminology stick - and look comfortably handsome.

For instance, we should all know something fun about the Libor rate-setting scandal. This following link mentions Barclays Bank, who were named from the outset, but certainly not disgraced alone, as a developing list grows. Some of the fall-out takes on a human - and rather entertaining - side, as we might expect from one of the world's best and most accessible business fanzines. It's about their new CEO. By the time British bankers are dressing down and skipping their bonuses, we are led to believe that they've heard us. Ils nous ont entendus. Peut-être.

Financial Times article

Sharpen your SOUND BITES! (Jan 8th 2013)

Make them work for your Presentation performance.
Welcome to my Gothenburg seminar on the afternoon of
Monday, March 11th: Sound bites for more effective presentations.
Three quick hours that will change your life.
- if more efficient and more effective corporate English communication is what you're after.

What's a Sound Bite? For more details and info on how to book this seminar, click on Populär Kommunikation's website!

New site and more to come! (Dec 2012)

The website is new and we plan to update content with publications, articles to read and a few sample excercises. Sometime in the near future, you'll have an e-learning opportunity, too.

The slideshow to the left is related to Marguerite's lecture: 21 Minutes to Change Your Life in English. "21 Minutes" is a 7-step presentation to start significant changes in your English sound and persona, from right now (real time).