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Vermilion Riptide  

Vermilion Riptide - a lively drama for solution-oriented times.

Itapeaçu, Urucará, Prainha. The Amazonas names thrill Dominique, and fill her with a fearful attraction for places where the boats will touch shore again. Fervently wishing that she had even a speck of the courage required to be that type of traveller, the kind who just doesn't quit until they touch a thorny heart.

Brazil. Torn between mind-staggering beauty and incalculable darkness, the country works its potent magic on two automotive professionals from Scandinavia.

A harried Canadian consultant flies along on her husband's foreign assignment to Curitiba, south-west of São Paolo. A charmed life of sumptuous benefits unfolds, ringed by wretched living conditions, violence, and a murder investigation. Dominique has designed and navigated an irreverent lifestyle strictly on her own terms, so she is appalled that her captivating new friend Aida's basic freedoms and adulthood are being robbed. Jack spoils their dream scenario with a standard Carnaval fling, so the distraught but pragmatic wife amuses herself with precision strategies and intoxicating Bahian gris-gris.

List of chapters...
Excerpt from: Don't cry for me...

PLEASE NOTE, regarding the E-book version:
For best typographical quality, the e-book version of Vermilion Riptide is best read on the Apple iBook, Kindle and Calibre e-book readers.. (FREE Calibre download) Adobe also works, but will not be typographically matched.

...She understands chassis dynamics, frame rails, steering systems and brakes. Like the best art, these are all lines and shapes. Shock absorbers are relatively simple mechanics, and she knows more now, after the Argentina visit. They're also quite beautiful; those components and how they work are all there to see.

And everybody understands what they want in a truck cab, from aerodynamic styling to interior design. Leather seats. Easy, everybody's ass is in there. Fuel injector? Just a fancy perfume spray-bottle mechanism. And a turbo charger: no big deal about the hows, whys and wherefores, for all the attention it gets in media and commercial use. Basically two whirring fans on an axle, utilizing exhaust gases to generate extra power. So what the hell are turbo bicycles and turbo sunglasses?

But nobody tells a gearbox designer how to do the job. 30 more explanations - on top of the thirty she has already seen and heard: from cello-slides, to PowerPoint, and finally even a pretty young pregnant engineer who brought in a few moving parts, and "forks" to demonstrate - will not help her see. Dominique's stock intro for getting reticent Swedish technicians to make a noise in English:

"Just pretend I don't know anything; that'll be easy!"

While Jack attended his various meetings in Argentina, her hardware tech lessons alternated with pleasant hours spent in Veronica's charming company, talking shop about language trends. She has an ally in Veronica, the blond, wispy-haired local English-teacher-cum-translator/interpreter, a soulmate of sorts, and the purveyor of great wines.

Full days were followed by massive company dinners, involving a lot of family, because this family company was started by Old Dad, Mr. Company-Name himself. Seated next to him, Dominique listened politely as the patriarch talked nostalgically about the good old days when the military junta had things in order and the trains ran on time. Dominique thought about the ice-grey metallic Atlantic, over which the Disappeared were flung out of ice-cold and charcoal-grey helicopters.

One simply scrumptious and exotic plate paraded by after another and Dominique managed to totally enjoy all of them anyway. The wine helped, but so did the entirely joyous awareness that she is in deepest Argentina with real Argentinians who were just so happy to show and share their magnificent technology, their great food, their beautiful country.

The rather stiff Herrero son, current CEO, and his immaculately turned out and coiffed society wife, were more than a little embarrassed at the old man's outbursts. Desperately trying to change the subject, giving the old guy all kinds of hell in Spanish, but they were all there with jobs and money while this fascist nutter, still smarter than most of them, held forth. The senior gentleman gleaming by her side had the manners of a born knight. Gracious and disarmingly charming.

Dumped political opponents out of helicopters. Over the South Atlantic.