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Automotive English Publications:

  • Author of Looking Good in English
    (Studentlitteratur, 1998, 258 pages; ISBN 91-44-00485-0).
    (New edition soon to be published as an e-book.

  • Editor of English edition
    Thirty Ways to Close the Deal - Max Söderpalm

    (2009, Söderpalm Publishing) .


Articles from PopKom Magasin!

Engelska språket för svenskar, del 1
By Marguerite Emily Beaulieu
  • Swede-read - the next global English hurdle
  • What every writer should know about parallel structure
  • New ways to say it
  • But seriously, folks ... - how to win friends and influence business
  • A few thoughts about the "Å-word"
  • Subject-verb-object - word order 1, 2, 3
  • What's in a title?
  • Where did you go to school?
  • False friends - only the most expensive ones, my dear
  • By popular request: prepositions
  • Consider a smart-casual tone

Engelska språket för svenskar, del 2
By Marguerite Emily Beaulieu
  • Write-it-fun
  • Idioms at work
  • Hands-on English I
  • Hands-on English II
  • Hands-on English III
  • Experiment with new verbs
  • Sound bites - for a crisp and crunchy message
  • But WHICH English?
  • THIS English
  • A high-drama, cataclysmic, Generation Gap
  • By popular request: prepositions
  • Push & Pump - a boot camp workout for high-end English vocabulary

Published in: PopKom Magasin
Digital communication, language creativity, graphics, layout, printing-trade
Editor, Björn Karlsson.

  • Push & Pump -
    A boot-camp workout for high-end business English vocabulary

  • Generation Gap in English.
    It's cataclysmic, but why and how?

  • Q: Which English?
    - Global communication in the corporate lingua franca;

    Things to think about - and DO

  • A: This English!
    - More tips and techniques that work

    Demonstrated communication effectiveness - across the planet

    Directly based on 6 separate editions of a successful (and currently ongoing) AB Volvo professional development program: Next Step. Global participants represent Volvo sites all over the world.

  • Sound bites
    - for a crisp and crunchy message

    Nr 6/2006
    Q:What is a sound bite?
    A:A sound bite is verbal dynamite. It's a quick and effective way to get your message across in 30 seconds or less. And in the hands of a non-native speaker, it has even greater potential, because no one is expecting it.

 Looking Good in English